Ulysses course FAQs

Who is this course aimed at? 

The course is aimed at anyone who enjoys reading and taking time over something that may be more difficult than the average read 

You may have read Ulysses before 

You may never have read it but always wanted to 

You may have tried it, hated it but always had a feeling you should give it a second chance.

Do I have to take part in the zoom discussions? 

No, each element of the course stands alone and you can do as much or as little as you like. Some people will only want to read the book, listen to the lectures and explore the supplementary material others will relish the opportunity to discuss it all with others. The point is that you enjoy it and get something from the experience. 

Do I have to start on September 21st? 

You can start at any time if you just want to use the videos and any other course materials. The only ‘live’ element of the course is the fortnightly zoom discussion group so you would miss any of these that have already taken place. There is no reduction to the course fee if you are not attending the zoom sessions.

Do I have to pay the whole course fee at the start? 

In general yes. However widening participation is part of our ethos so we are open to a discussion about spreading the payment depending on personal circumstances.

How does the course work?

Starting on September 21, there will be a short introduction to ways of reading “Ulysses” – some pointers and tactics.

Then, from September 28, every two weeks on Monday we will post two short introductory lectures on a section of the book. Then on the following Thursday (starting from October 8) there will be a zoom discussion on the relevant section starting at 19:00.

There will also be a resources section, with suggested additional reading.