Riversmeet Monologues

 Riversmeet Monologues

Our response to the impact of Covid-19 on our live theatre productions has been to create the Riversmeet Monologues. A series of very short films inspired by monologues from our original play scripts.
The first, below is from Rebels in Heaven. This play should have taken place on May 12 - 16, 2020, at Bread and Roses, Clapham has obviously been postponed. On what would have been the last night the original cast performed a reading of the script using Zoom.
Coming soon -  Lynton 

Riversmeet Monologue lll: The Vacillating Politician
It’s 2003 and the British parliament is about to vote on joining the US in the invasion of Iraq. The country has been rocked by huge protests including an estimated million converging on London. As the Labour Party whips put the screws on those MPs who are holding out against the war we hear one MP vacillate backwards and forwards ultimately justifying himself to history.
From Richard Bradbury’s play Solos and Chorus without Harmony first performed at the Royal Court London in 2013 as part of Ten which commemorated the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
The MP is played by Martin Turner

Riversmeet Monologues II: My Intentions, which is from the play Rebels in Heaven
Oliver Cromwell is played by Costa Chard.

Riversmeet Monologues I: Liberty for All, the original promo for Rebels in Heaven. 
John Lilburne is played by Charlie Coldfield.


The story of poet and radical essayist Percy Shelley’s brief period living on the North Devon coast. While he was living these he was the subject of intense surveillance by the state: his post was opened, and spies were employed to watch his movements and activities. The plays connect the story of Shelley’s days in Lynton to our present fears and worries about the encroaching loss of privacy today.