Riversmeet Monologues

 Riversmeet Monologues

Our response to the impact of Covid-19 on our live theatre productions has been to create the Riversmeet Monologues and the Riversmeet Shorts, two series of very short films taking different approaches to monologues from our original play scripts.

Riversmeet Monologue VI

This piece is from Richard Bradbury’s play about Frederick Douglas in Exeter currently in development. William Lloyd Garrison was a giant of the anti-slavery campaigns starting in the 1830s. He regarded death threats as compliments. In the early 1840s he met Frederick Douglass, and together they exhilarated the abolitionist cause. In 1846 they travelled through England together in a hugely successful tour.

And then they argued. Douglass was offered the opportunity of freedom, by English abolitionists offering to ‘buy’ him from his ‘owner’. Garrison was vehemently opposed. Douglass pointed out that it was a choice Garrison would never have to make. They parted company.

William Garrison is played by Aaron Lynn 

Riversmeet Monologue V: T.E. Lawrence
Part of a speech by TE Lawrence from Jan Woolf's new play Blood, Gold and Oil.  Set in a present day museum - as an exhibition, 'Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab revolt of WW1' is about to open,  Lawrence's ghost gives his own perspective on his 'heroic' actions in uniting Bedouin tribes against the Turks of the Ottoman Empire and allying themselves with Britain.  Exhausted and demoralised he examines the price of his  fame and the perfidious nature of Western interventions in the Middle East  - all  too relevant today.
T.E Lawrence is played by Douglas Clarke Wood.
Riversmeet Monologue lV: Lord Sidmouth
The final piece from Lynton Richard Bradbury’s play about Shelley’s time of self imposed exile in North Devon. It’s 1812 and Home Secretary Lord Sidmouth has sent his spies in pursuit, here Lord Sidmouth justifies his actions.
Shelley was the subject of intense surveillance by the state: his post was opened and Sidmouth’s spies watched his movements and activities. The play connects the story of Shelley’s days in Lynton to our present fears and worries about the encroaching loss of privacy today.
Lord Sidmouth is played by Michael Simkins
Riversmeet Monologue lll: The Vacillating Politician
It’s 2003 and the British parliament is about to vote on joining the US in the invasion of Iraq. The country has been rocked by huge protests including an estimated million converging on London. As the Labour Party whips put the screws on those MPs who are holding out against the war we hear one MP vacillate backwards and forwards ultimately justifying himself to history.
From Richard Bradbury’s play Solos and Chorus without Harmony first performed at the Royal Court London in 2013 as part of Ten which commemorated the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.
The MP is played by Martin Turner

Riversmeet Monologues II:

Oliver Cromwell:My Intentions,

From the play Rebels in Heaven By Richard Bradbury 

Oliver Cromwell is played by Costa Chard.

Riversmeet Monologues I: John Lilburne: Liberty for All

The original promotional film for the play Rebels in Heaven by Richard Bradbury 
John Lilburne is played by Charlie Coldfield.